Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reconciling myself to me

As I write my first ever entry on my new blog, I'm having a tough time reconciling myself to me. It's difficult for me to think back on the person I once was. Dramatic changes have altered my life in an unrecognizable matter, and I now feel that I am an entirely other person than I previously was. Am I me now? Was I me before? If I was me before, and I am me still, who am I? I suppose this is the age-old question that philosophers, and senseless people like me, have debated over since time untold. 

So what comes be or not to be? No, I won't go in that direction. I must be. I guess I will just have to continue to evolve into the future version of me. Time and unforeseeable events will wreak havoc and add their own splashes of color, but I will try to control what I can. I want to reconcile myself to me in the end. 

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