Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Follow your heart (for a contest) (FICTION)

“Follow your heart,” she says. Right! Just follow my heart! She doesn’t understand anything about this life; she just walks around, dispelling advice. If she could only see for one minute, feel what I’m going through, she wouldn’t say the things she says.

She thinks she’s perfect in every way, from her head to her toes. But she doesn’t see the real her. She doesn’t know how incredibly unpredictable she is, changing her mind, and her mood, every second. She doesn’t know how selfish she can be, always putting herself first. She doesn’t understand how many people she hurts along the way, and what’s worse, she doesn’t care. She’s so far from perfect, it’s ridiculous.

I am a happily married man, with three kids and a loving wife. My wife – she’s perfect in every way. She is tall and slim, but shapely. She has long blond hair and big green eyes. They are the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen. She is always so patient in caring for me, and she’s so wonderful with the kids. I am amazed and inspired by her.

We lead a wonderful life – my wife, the kids and i. I’m the CFO of a small company, where I make enough to provide a comfortable living for all of us. My wife is an event organizer, making quite a living herself. We work hard during the week, but the weekends are reserved for the kids – our three little angels. Every Saturday morning, we play tennis together, then we go out for lunch. Saturday evenings are “movie night”. We make popcorn, sometimes order pizza, and watch a movie, together. Sundays the kids pick an activity for all of us to do. We love spending time together.

“Follow your heart”, she says, but how can I? How can I follow my heart when my brain is telling me to do something else? How can I do something so illogical? How can it be that I have the perfect one, but I love the other?

But I do love her, with all of her flaws and shortcomings, every inch of her being. I love her with a kind of love that I have never felt before. She is difficult to please, she changes the rules as she goes along, she only drinks expensive wine. She complicates my life in such an exciting way, I can’t imagine living without her.

She makes life seem so easy, but it’s not. “Just follow your heart,” she says.

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