Monday, February 16, 2009

My apartment has a secret

It's strange that just like people, apartments seem to have personalities and secrets of their own. You cannot really know all there is to an apartment until you've actually lived there. For example, few people probably know that if you listen really close, my toilet makes the noise of a ticking bomb. Or, the only time that I actually hear my neighbors is when they open their curtains in the morning (but not when they close them). And, my favorite, one of the floorboards in my bedroom creaks and my husband and I have already learned to take a big step in one specific location so as not to wake the baby.

These, and many more, are secrets my apartment has shared with me. Some of the things only I know, and no one else. These things bind me to it, and it makes me sad to know that one day I will move away and someone else will live here, and learn these secrets. I don't want a stranger to get intimately acquainted with my apartment. Yet, I am excited for the opportunity to discover new secrets of a new place. 

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