Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homeless (FICTION)

Oh help me, dear stranger, I hold out my hand
Why do you stare with such fierce restrain?
You not only question the strangeness you find
But you judge me with vile liberty

You've already determined the person I am 
Although we haven't exchanged any words
You think you do justice by me with your coins
It is not your money that I seek

I'm lost, I'm confused, I don't understand this life
Can you help me find my home?
I don't really remember, but I've been told
That I had one when I was born

You seem to know the truth of this life
At least, that is how you behave
How did you come to know all this?
Why do you turn away?

I search, and I search, but I cannot find me
In this desolate place we call earth
An apartment I have, but you don't understand 
I cannot remember my dreams

As you walked by, there was something in your eyes
It's all too familiar to me
You are also lonely, your soul hurts
You try to hide it, but I can see

Let's walk together down the road
I'll give you a hand, if I may
Why do you look on with such disgust?
Don't go, I beg you, stay!

You haven't heard a word I have said
You have already turned down the street
Be careful on your merry way
Take care of those stumbling feet

Back to my luxury, alone, I shall go
Because I have no other choice
I have been stripped of my ego, my pride
I have even lost my voice

You have judged the book by the cover and with that
You have ruined me
I am not the person that I am
I am what you want me to be 

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