Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20 Things I am Afraid of

1. Something terrible will happen to my daughter
2. My husband will die before me
3. I will die before my husband
4. Spiders
5. Failure
6. Devoting myself to something that won't take me anywhere
7. Excruciating physical pain (such as torture)
8. Flying
9. Deep blue sea
10. Crazy people
11. Drunk people
12. Chocolate
13. Myself
14. Pitch black darkness
15. All even mildly-scary movies
16. Bigotry/hatred
17. Guns
18. The future
19. Big dogs
20. Money

What are some things that you're afraid of?


  1. i can not share this... its too personal for me :)

  2. one of my biggest fears is that after having a child my husband will die and leave me a widow and a single parent and I would handle life without him.

  3. A huge fear of mine is that I won't be able to conceive. All I can do is have faith, but it's so hard to do so when you know everything is working against you in that regard.

  4. Lol... Oops, that was my comment above this one. I forgot to say who I was.