Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fran 1 (FICTION)

What he doesn't know won't hurt him, Francisca thought as she closed the door to her car. She walked across the filled parking lot, the sun burning her back. Yes, today will definitely be a good day. She was feeling good about herself. And what better way to reward yourself than with a day at the mall. She definitely deserved such a treat. She had been working so hard lately, hardly taking any time out for herself.

She walked into the mall, and immediately felt the relief of the air conditioner. Hmmm, she laughed to herself, what would all of those environmentally-friendly Europeans think? Waste of electricity? Well, I don't give a damn, she argued to no one, with a smile. It feels nice in this 95 degrees, and I'm going to enjoy every ungreen moment of it.

She walked past a few shops, smiling to herself maliciously. I'm going to look sexy in anything I try on, she thought, arrogantly. Francisca was 5'3, 115 pounds, petite but with curves, thanks to the grapefruit diet. She had a full head of thick brown curls, which ended somewhere below her shoulder blades. Her deep green eyes always shined with energy and were the envy of men and women alike; women because they wanted them, men because they wanted her. She knew the power she had, and she reveled in very moment of it.

Oh, what the hell!, Francisca thought, today I will splurge completely. She could already taste the cheeseburger, as she headed towards the food court. What's a few extra calories anyway? And besides, it had been weeks since she last had anything fried; surly her figure could handle this one blow.

Today was a day for spoiling yourself. Nothing could ruin her day. In an elated tone, she answered her phone. Funny, she didn't even remember that her doctor had her number..... (to be continued)


  1. this is very very talented. loved reading it, cant wait for continuation. great humor too!

  2. A nice touch of suspense at the close for the self-involved narrator. The reader's empathy will be called on soon, I suspect; but is she a bit too bitchy for our sympathy; or not outlandishly bitchy enough for us to enjoy her coming fall?

    Hope you'll visit -- it's just writing about great writers (as a way of improving my own).

  3. Interesting comment maywander. Will have to think about that one. Check back to read the next bit on it.

  4. Very interesting story and the continuation is surely worth the wait.Can't wait for that one.