Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review

"Stasiland: Stories From Behind the Berlin Wall" by Anna Funder
My grade: B

As a lot of you probably guessed, this book is about East Germany, and what took place there. Funder is a reporter, and carries out various investigations into the goings on of the GDR, obviously after the fall of the wall. She definitely provides a clear and honest lens into yet another dark time in Germany, and if you are not much familiar with what took place east of the wall, this is a good book to read.

Having said that, two things were lacking in this book for me, and technically they are tied in together. Probably due to Funder's journalistic background, she often times in the book doesn't make a statement and doesn't take sides, when I wish she would. Likewise, her reporting is often just that, reporting; I'm missing some emotion, although I wouldn't say this book is void of that altogether.

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