Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review

"A Year in the Merde" by Stephen Clarke
My grade: A-

This book is very funny, at (many) moments laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is about a British guy, living and working in Paris for a year. He has an excellent sense of humor! Clarke seems to capture a lot of the essence of the French culture, among others. Needless to say, he makes A LOT of exaggerations, but there are many truths in the book, as well. If nothing else, it's a fun fast-read.

I do have to mention, though, that I liked the book at the beginning much more than I did as I kept reading it. I was asking myself why. I think my problem with it, is that as I got to know the main character, Paul (not sure why he goes by Paul, if the author's name is Stephen), I liked him less and less. I'm afraid his sense of humor doesn't even come close to compensating for many other negative qualities, but that shouldn't necessarily take away from the enjoyment of reading the book. We don't have to live with the guy!

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