Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review

"Flying Leap: Stories" by Judy Budnitz
My grade: A-

This is a compilation of short stories, some of which are absolutely amazing. Budnitz seems to have a fascination with starting with something common and normal, and slowly (or sometimes quickly) warping it into something outrageous. She occasionally touches on something so profound, so fundamental, before leaping away from it, I would really love to read a deeper analysis (from her) on some of these topics. A very good read.


  1. try "If I Told You Once" for a weird Russian story but oh so awesome too. She also has another collection of short stories just as good. sadly, she hasn't written in a while though.

  2. I read "If I Told You Once", on your recommendation, and really liked it a lot! I also have "Big American Baby" on my Amazon wish list, but that list is pretty big so I might not get around to reading that book until a year or two. But I'll get there someday :)