Monday, April 20, 2009


Work, work, work. All I ever do is work. Morning, noon, and night, I always work. When I wake up in the morning I start to work. All I ever see and know is work. I'm so tired of working; I want to live. I want to see the beautiful and wonderful things, to travel the world. I want to ride an elephant in India and a camel in Egypt. I want to stand beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris and feel small, and climb the Empire State Building to stand above the world. I want to be serenaded on a gondola ride in Venice and hear sweet nothings whispered into my ear across a candle-lit dinner in Ibiza. I want to walk on the Chinese Wall and hear the mysteries of how the pyramids were built. I want to have a Latin lover, who will love me and then leave me. I want to cry for days about what could have been and think back on the wonderful, but brief, affair we had. 

I have never been in love. I want to fall madly in love. I want to wake up in the morning and sing songs. I want to bake brownies out of the blue. I want to think about him day and night, and write his name over and over on a piece of paper, with hearts all around. 

I want to eat an exquisite meal. I love to eat. I want to savor every bite of a beautifully-prepared dish, melting in my mouth. I want to be surrounded by chocolate-covered strawberries. 

I want to make love in the moonlight on the beach, as sand gets mixed into my hair. I want to get lost in the moment, and forget my name. I want him to remind me!

But all I ever do is work. What the hell am I working for?


  1. Hmm, I have a question. Say a piece of yours woke up the editor in me (that I try to keep comatose) and say he enjoyed this piece and had plenty to say. Would you prefer he email you with all this info or post it publicly? Alternatively we could punch him and the gut and ignore his please.

    But in short, there are two movements here that i like, there's a parallel between work in the beginning and end, and there's a buildup of wants or desires. both are very cool, and can be refined to increase the drama.

    also nice work on the labeling, reminded me not to dig into the work :)

  2. Do not by any means kill the editor; he's important. All advice is helpful and appreciated, so I thank you in advance. You can post wherever you feel more comfortable - either email or here; as for me, I've got nothing to hide :) Looking forward to hearing more. Glad you liked the piece!! (and the labeling)

  3. I like this piece. I've been feeling like this lately (in general terms), and you wouldn't even have to put "FICTION" at the end of it if I wrote it!

  4. If you mean just the past couple of weeks when your boss has been on vacation, than it will soon end, at least, when he comes back and you go on vacation (to visit us!). If you mean more generally, than you really need to ask yourself, what the hell are you working so hard for? I mean, really? You don't want the best years of your life to go to waste!