Friday, April 17, 2009

Fran 3

Four hours later, Francisca finally stepped into Dr. Richards' office. He was seeing his last patient. Francisca sat in a waiting chair and flipped through the pages of the latest Cosmopolitan. Some people are so pathetic, she thought to herself with a smirk, briefly scanning the headlines. 

Francisca wasn't the least bit worried about what the doctor would tell her. After all, she was only 28 years old and had a body to kill for; it had never let her down before, surly it wouldn't start now. Besides, Francisca had been hearing from the girls at work what wonderful technological breakthroughs the medical field has been enjoying lately. Anne, who recently got liposuction, was always telling Kate about that. If plastic surgery could work such wonders on Anne, Francisca was sure that doctors would be able to fix whatever was wrong with her. It would only be a matter of money.

Francisca had been working for Scotts & Scott for six years now, ever since she graduated from college. She started out as a secretary, but with time became the personal assistant to one of the Scotts herself, a position that carried far less prestige than Francisca admitted, both to herself and others. The pay was acceptable, but Francisca never neglected to find wealthy men to fill in the discrepancy between her lifestyle and her paycheck. She lied to herself that it wasn't the beautiful life she was after and that she could easily go without, but the fact is, Francisca treasured materialism above all else and felt that she was under-appreciated at work. She always thought that a big raise was bound to come her way, but in the meantime, felt no shame in using men for money. If they were stupid enough to give it away, who was she to turn it down? Brian fell into the trap just as easily as the previous men. As a successful lawyer, he didn't care what demands Francisca had, as long as he could have his trophy girl. And wear her on his arm he sure did. Francisca pretended not to notice, but they both knew the game they were playing.

The last patient finally left and Dr. Richards called Francisca into his office. She threw the Cosmo onto the chair she was sitting on, blatantly showing her impatience with having to wait so long. The nurse, however, only looked at her with a pitiful smile. Francisca was surprised to see Dr. Richards wear the same mask, as if they were all in on some big secret. She glanced at her watch nervously, uncomfortable with the situation. Francisca had no idea, though, how many more such looks she would still get. 


  1. this can not continue any longer! i want to know what her problem is!!! STOP TEASING! now!

  2. sorry hubby, but you're gonna have to wait along with the rest of the folks! (now I've got you exactly where I want you)

  3. Yeah, I am gagging to know what happens next too! Stop keeping me in suspense! :-(

  4. hehehe....sorry guys, no can do! not yet, at least.