Friday, June 19, 2009

Must be said

I can't stand animal cruelty, and cruelty against children for the same reason: neither can understand what is happening. An adult, at least, can understand the injustice, get angry, in some circumstances, fight against it. But a child, and in a certain sense an animal, are completely helpless against such crimes, because they cannot rationally conclude that a crime is being committed against them, and of the greatest kind.

I am not a violent or an aggressive person by any means, and physical violence of any kind is completely against my nature, but I believe a person who commits a crime against a child or an animal should be killed, because that is not a person! That is some form of an evil force that exists only on Earth and it must be immediately extinguished.

It makes me firstly incredibly angry, but mostly indescribably sad when I see something like a goat walk a tight rope in a Chinese circus with a monkey on his back, also doing some sort of tricks. I can only imagine what type of abuse these poor living creatures were subjected to in order to be able to do that. Let's all face it: a goat is not mean to tip-toe a tight rope!

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm sick, or maybe I'm just plain wrong. I'm against - full-heartedly AGAINST - all crimes against humanity, against all creatures that are alive and feel pain, but I'm most passionately judgmental and intolerant of people who commit any act of injustice or violence against one who cannot defend itself. Rise and stand for justice, or look yourself in the face and feel no shame; I won't be the one to judge you. But if you are guilty of a crime against another living creature, especially a child, or an animal, get the hell off of my blog!


  1. for various reasons, I am not.

  2. I completely agree with you about physical violence against children and animals (and violence in general, be it for legitimized by governments, gangs, or simple hatred).

    However, I must disagree, at least in principle, about the video of the goat walking a tight rope with a monkey on his back (I watched the emailed video as well, so I know what you're talking about). Maybe to some degree, the standards (and laws and their enforcement) are lacking or non-existent in China, which is sad and wrong, but I generally don't believe animals in a circus are abused. In this case, I think the safety of the animal would have to be preserved (although this will sound heartless, an animal that hurts itself while learning a trick is not going to be able to learn and perform the trick). Similarly, the best and quickest way to train an animal is to befriend it and use positive reinforcement, as opposed to abuse...

  3. Well, I have to disagree with you. It is actually a well-known fact (I've seen several documentaries on National Geographic) that animals get completely abused when working in circuses. Once the circus is done with them, in fact, they kick them out, essentially, and there are different organizations/good-hearted people who take them in afterwards. You wouldn't believe the kinds of things that happen to them in the circus (at least I couldn't when I first heard): they have their nails removed so they can't scratch, and their teeth removed so they can't bite. All of their defense mechanisms are removed, and then I have a hard time believing that the animals are befriended or positively reinforced. On top of that, the animals suffer tremendous psychological problems for the rest of their lives - I'm thinking specifically of a documentary about gorillas now.

    The video of the goat made me incredibly sad. A goat is really not meant to do what that goat was doing, and although I can understand what you were saying about its safety, I cannot believe that it was taught to do THAT using any kind of positive anything.