Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book Review

"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy
My grade: A+

This is a book I read a while ago, but it has stayed with me nonetheless and I feel it worthy of a post on my blog. This is probably the best piece of modern literature that I have read in the last few years. Its incredible darkness sucks you in, and I found myself unable to put it down, even though it was emotionally incredibly difficult to read. It was definitely worth the pain, though.

The book is not broken down into chapters at all, and I'm sure McCarthy doesn't follow all the rules of grammar, but there is purpose and effect in that. The story is that of a father and son, but really it's about humanity. The father and son don't even have names. They are trying to survive in a world where most are dead, to protect one another while maintaining their integrity.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. If you read books, you have to read this one.


  1. I concur! Well said.

  2. Glad you liked this book! I'm curious to see what you will think of "The Kite Runner", whenever you get to reading it.

  3. Ooh can I borrow? We should really take a look at eachother's bookshelves at some point- I've gotten into the horrible habit of reading trashy novels lately :-(

  4. Yeah, sure. I can drop it off at work, if you want, as I walk past you virtually every day. Otherwise, I can just bring it to you next time I see you, after we get back from the U.S. :)