Friday, June 19, 2009

Fran 6 (FICTION)

They hadn't really spoken about it, but considering that Francisca was living in Brian's flat, the conclusion was obvious: Francisca would need to move out. It was actually quite nice of Brian not to kick her out straight away, Francisca thought. After all, it was his right. Besides, Francisca never told him about the disease. In fact, they hadn't really spoken in two-and-a-half weeks. She decided it really would be best if she just quietly packed up her stuff and left. He wouldn't be too surprised to find her gone, whenever he did return back home.

It didn't take Fran long to pack. The only things that were hers, really, were two closets-full of clothes and some jewelry, accumulated through the years. She took only the essentials and the few items that held sentimental value, like the 2-karat diamond ring Charlie had proposed with. He was a good kid; it's too bad, really, the way things worked out with him.

Francisca grabbed the two suitcases and headed towards the front door. By the time she got there, she was completely out of breath. Come to think of it, she really had become weaker lately, but she tried to push that out of her mind for now. She sat down on the couch for a minute, to get a quick rest. A thought came to her: maybe she should leave a note for Brian, even if just a couple of words. She got up, with effort, and waddled over to the kitchen counter, feeling herself decrepit. She took a Post-It note and pen, but on second thought, wrote nothing. It's better left unsaid, she thought.

Dragging the suitcases to the car, one at a time, Francisca finally got in herself and started the ignition. If only she had somewhere to go, someone to turn to. Never in her life had she felt so alone - and so helpless. Her life was coming to an end, a terribly sad an pathetic end, but nobody seemed to care. Perhaps it was something she had done, perhaps it was her fault nobody loved her, Francisca thought. But she was too tired to ponder such questions, so she put the car in Drive and drove to the only place she could think of: home.


  1. this story is developing in much too small of increments. i can not wait to read more of what is going on! come on inna!

    I think that her character is a bit too forced... it can not be that she REALLY has no friends, and that her relationship with Brian is indeed that superficial. maybe i just do not know anybody like that in my life but it seems slightly unrealistic.

    having said that, i still cant wait for the continuation! keep it up!

  2. hmmm....well, maybe to some extent you are right. I am trying to exaggerate a bit here to prove a point. Having said that, though, such people do exist. It's not that Francisca doesn't have any friends, it's just that none are good enough to turn to in such a time of need. Think about it yourself: God forbid, should you need to turn to someone in a time of such need, who outside of your family would you be able to turn to?.. Perhaps another one or two people....and I'd like to think that you are far from a Francisca.

    More is definitely to come, but you of all people should know my time constraints. I by no means want to disappoint my biggest fans or make excuses....just know that more is to come, and I will try to be more punctual.

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  4. looking forward to more!

    biggest fan number 1.