Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review - "invisible"

"invisible" by Paul Auster
My grade: A-

I have to say, this novel started out for me much more promising than it ended (although I'm not entirely disappointed). The writing is superb in itself, but the voice remains the same throughout, even though there are several narrators. For this reason, together with too much telling and not enough showing, the characters don't fully come to life.

The ending, for me, leaves much too many questions in the air and suddenly introduces new twists in a novel that is, technically, not a mystery. There is also quite a large piece about incestuous love, which to be honest, was harder to swallow than Naboko'v "Lolita". And it remains unclear to me what purpose it really served. Finally, I'm not really sure what the title is really referring to, as invisibility doesn't play a central role in this novel; unless, I missed something big.

Despite having said all of that, it was still a good read with a well-developed plot. It reads very fast, and left me thinking about how the story would develop. I will definitely read more books from Auster.

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