Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you a writer?

Don't know if any of you writers out there have (or had) this problem: I have a hard time calling myself a writer as I am yet unpublished. Since I work as a freelance writer, I do call myself that, but the implications are completely different for 'writer' and 'freelance writer'. It never fails to amaze me, however, how many people use the term (writer, that is) so freely. Every second person I meet is a 'writer'. And I always want to ask, "What does that mean exactly?" After all, if I play tennis once a month with a friend, does that make me a tennis player? Shouldn't we be more careful with the connotations and implications these titles give off? Or are titles too overrated in our drastically-politicized world?


  1. I don't call myself a writer. only a few people even know that I write. (Other than my classmates when I graduated) I agree with you. most "writers" I know say they are "writers" too freely as if that makes them special. these days, since I am unemployed, when asked I tell people that I am pursuing my artistic callings. I let them interpret that however they choose. what type of freelance do you do? ever heard of the Examiner?

  2. Never heard of the Examiner... what's that? I do different freelance stuff, like web content, brochures, journalism work, etc. I've now also started working on a book of short stories. Hope to get somewhere (in the fiction world) with that!

    I know you're quite active with your Etsy shop. How's that going? What else have you been up to?

  3. I've been writing full time for years and still get uncomfortable calling myself a writer. An editor, maybe, but a writer? I think we'll need to get a novel published before we get to call ourselves that.

    But here's a psychology trick, if you want to get comfortable saying it start by claiming to be something insanely improbable, like a whale rescue specialist, or a tree resuscitation expert; then say 'nah not really, I'm just a writer.'

  4. Haha, good idea Karl... I'll try that out next time! Let's see how that flies! But to be honest, I'm comforted by the thought that other fellow writerz (I'm starting a new trend, work with me here) are hesitant with the title, and all that it implies. I guess the dreadful word "published" remains to be just that, dreadful!!! (I've already promised out-loud to throw the biggest party known to man if I ever get, dare I say it... PUBLISHED!)