Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Review - "The Stranger"

"The Stranger" by Albert Camus
My grade: A-

Needless to say, this winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature is among the greats. His style is somehow reminiscent of Hemingway and Kafka, and perhaps even Dostoevsky for the literary experiments he undertakes. The main character in this short novel, and in many ways the only character, is quite absurd. If he wasn't so apt at life, I would want to call him autistic, even though that was clearly not the aim of the author. His life takes on a tragic fate, due to an accidental event. His analysis, and sometimes lack of, portray a dreary image.

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  1. Inna,

    I'm intrigued by your use of "autistic" in describing Mersault. I believe he actually is emotionally autistic.

    Did you read the Gilbert Stuart or the Matthew Ward translation? Ward's is richer in its prose and more vivid in its imagery. Despite either translation, the central character is indeed smart enough and keenly observant of the world around him. His weakness is his inability to give himself permission to experience and enjoy the full spectrum of human emotions.

    Thanks for sharing yet another of your insightful reviews with us.