Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Review

"Seven Notebooks of Life"* by Tonino Guerra
My grade: didn't finish

This book is a compilation of very short stories and poems of Guerra, who is, I guess, known mostly for the films he has made. The works are definitely not bad, but they are very neutral to me. The stories are those of his life, short snippets from here and there. Perhaps one has to really be attached to the cities/famous people he is writing about, but I personally found it hard to focus on a story that is half a page long. The writing is good, but not really exemplary. I know nothing of Guerra's films.

* I read this book in Russian, and the title given here is a direct translation from the Russian one. This is, however, a compilation of short works, a sample of which could be taken from any other compilation of short works by Guerra.

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