Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Walk (FICTION)

I go to sleep and I dream a strange and terrible thing. Two eyes... eyes?... glare at me. But there is nothing attached to them. No head, no body, no thoughts. Just pupils, staring, glaring, with darkness all around. There is a lot of darkness and it never seems to end. There is a neverending darkness.

The eyes, they continue to glare, and suddenly they begin to turn red. At first, they become like normal red eyes, with no head, but then they become really red, blood red. There is still no emotion in them. Just blood red eyes staring, glaring out at me in the darkness. And suddenly I realize, these are my eyes, this is my blood. My eyes are draining out the blood from my body, and I'm dying, I'm dying.

I decide to leave. If I must die, I'm certainly not going to watch myself do it, in the neverending darkness, watching my eyes watching me. So I walk. I walk and I walk, in the darkness. I don't know how far I walk, but every time I look back, my eyes are watching me, my red blood-stained eyes. They watch, and they judge... and they die. So I walk.

I come to something. The shape is strange and the color is dull, and finally I come to see it is my tongue. It is my tongue hanging in the middle of this neverending darkness, and it is lifeless, dead. My tongue is dead. My eyes are bleeding and my tongue is dead and I am dying, so I continue to walk.

I walk and walk and I have no idea how far I walk, but every time I look back I see my eyes bleeding my blood and my lifeless tongue hanging there, ridiculing me, judging me. So I continue to walk.

I come finally to a disheveled mess. There are... things... thrown all around. They are hanging, separated in the neverending darkness. And suddenly I realize, these are my organs. My lungs are handing to my left and my pancreas is to my right, and so I start to search. I search and search through my organs, and I don't know how long I search for, but I cannot find my heart. And every time I look back, I see my bleeding eyes and my lifeless tongue watching me, following me, judging me.

And then, I die.


  1. Eeek that really upset me! :-(
    I think that may however have been the intention, right?

  2. Hehe... sorry to upset you, but yes that was the intention. I'm just working some stuff out right now! :)

  3. I love it when you write a really funny piece, Inna. This is so hilarious - like a really brilliant parody of a really bad piece of writing by a totally self-absorbed moronic tart in the world's worst beret. You really catch the tone of someone who can't write at all. Brilliant! A great improvement on all your previous writing, which was really quite like the writing of someone who just didn't know how to...Oh. Right.

  4. hahaha, Anonymous. I really appreciate the role you (and the likes) play in my life, mainly as crack-ups. Here's the message, once and for all: if my blog is such crap, why do you read it? Either you are incredibly pathetic and have no life of your own - which would explain why you devote time to reading through my "oh-so-terrible" blogs - or you are incredibly bitter and insecure about your own lack of success. In either case, here's my suggestion: if you don't like it, don't read it; I (or anyone else here, for that matter) will certainly not miss you. Also, I suggest you get some friends and a life, or worst come to worse, read a book to help pass along the time, since you seem to be forced over and over again to read through my terrible writing.

    (As a side note: I think you are the same pathetic anonymous person who shows up on my blog every now and again. Unlike you, I certainly have better things to spend my time on than writing replies to losers, all of a similar nature, time and again. In the future, your posts will simply be deleted)

  5. Oh, and by the way Anonymous, learn how to spell you freaking retard!

  6. dont waste your breath inna, this person does not even have the balls to write under his/her real name! hardly worth your time.