Friday, March 13, 2009

Somebody like you (FICTION)

"You know, I could use somebody like you," she says to me, pressing her hand to my chest. I met Celeste two hours ago at the bar. Now, we are sitting on the couch, three feet away. We've been talking. I haven't done that in a long time. She's a nice girl, Celeste. But still.

I have a feeling this night will end the same way most nights do - at my place, with her but alone. It makes me sad. I hoped with her, as with all the girls I meet, it would be different. I've never met a Celeste before.

She's a beautiful girl. She stands tall, with all of her 5'4. She's strong and weak, all at the same time and I don't think she has used the same word twice since we've met. I think she's on a mission. Could I love her? Perhaps. Would she want that? Can't imagine that being the case.

"My place is just around the corner," I hear myself say. "Why don't we...". She waves me to a halt. "I need another drink," she explains, getting to her feet. "This round is mine."

Two hours ago, Celeste approached me, holding a Bloody Mary in her hand. The first thing I noticed was the celery stick hanging out, whose leaves nearly poked my eye out. Celeste wasn't fazed. She asked me for the time, and for the first time in my life, I think she was actually waiting to hear the answer. She seemed to have been waiting for someone; for a moment, I hoped is was me.

It took her 45 minutes to finish her drink; time danced to the beat of the music. I wanted to buy her another drink. She contemplated, really thought about it, and finally said Gin Tonic. It took her an hour and fifteen minutes to drink that one. I've never met a Celeste before.

Now she's buying me a drink; I guess this is a night of firsts. Maybe it will be different after all. I see her walking back, two glasses in her hands. She looks at me mysteriously; I'm not sure she's impressed.

"I could use somebody like you," she says.

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